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What is a Home Information Pack (HIP)? 
A Home Information Pack (HIP) is a collection of documents relating to a property. It is a legal requirement to have a HIP prior to marketing a residential property for sale.

What does a HIP contain?
  1. An Index of information contained within the pack
  2. A Sale Statement containing basic information about the property
  3. Evidence of Title and a Title Plan
  4. An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
  5. A Property Information Questionnaire (PIQ)
  6. Standard searches (local authority, water & drainage searches)
  7. A copy of the lease (for leasehold properties only)
    (Only documents 1-5 must be obtained before your property can be marketed. Documents 6 & 7 must then be added within 28 days).
How do I get a HIP? 
If you instruct Primelodge estates to sell your property, we can organise the HIP for you

What are the benefits of a Primelodge estates HIP? 
'A no strings attached policy' - once complete, the HIP is yours to keep. You do not need to use a particular conveyancing company or sign a sole agency agreement.
Peace of mind - your HIP will be fully compliant with the PCCB HIP Code, which means that all the required documents will be included and acceptable to solicitors.

Do I have to use Primelodge to obtain my HIP? 
No. You are free to arrange your own HIP, however, we would recommend that you use a reputable supplier, who is an accredited member of the PCCB HIP Code.

What if I already own a valid HIP? 
We will need you to send a copy to our HIP department, preferably via email. We must be in receipt of your HIP before the marketing of your property can commence.

Do all properties need a HIP? 
The majority of properties will require a HIP, however there are a small number of exceptions. For more information visit the government website

What is the Property Codes Compliance Board (PCCB) HIP Code? 
The PCCB is a regulatory body established to maintain a register of firms committed to operating within their standards of practice and to independently monitor compliance with the code. The main aim of the PCCB HIP Code is to increase consumer protection for buyers, sellers, estate agents and conveyancers who rely on the information included within a HIP.
As our HIP provider is a member of this code, you can rest assured that all information provided is of the highest standard and is in compliance with all their regulations.